Reasoning in CS@Turin

16 December 2016, 10 am to afternoon
Palazzo Nuovo, via Sant’Ottavio 20, Aula di Antica, II floor

  • Peter Brössel
  • Gustavo Cevolani
  • Vincenzo Crupi
  • Valentina Gliozzi
  • Antonio Lieto
  • Frank Zenker

Organizer: g.cevolani[at]

10.00–10.15 Frank Zenker: “What a large scale conceptual spaces project could look like”
11.15–11.30 Gustavo Cevolani: “Toward a geometry of truth approximation”
12.30–14.00 Lunch break
14.00–14.15 Peter Brössel: “From perception to belief and back again”
15.15–15.30 Valentina Gliozzi: “Self-organizing maps, category formation and generalization”
16.30–16.45 Antonio Lieto: “Analogy and conceptual spaces”

sponsored by
MIUR — FIRB project
Structure and Dynamics of Knowledge and Cognition
Compagnia di San Paolo: Assessing Information Models
Volkswagen Foundation

Reasoning in CS@Södertörn

24 August 2016; 10.30am-5.20 pm
Room: Svarta Lådan (“Black Box”), D-Wing, Södertörn University, Sweden (MAP IT)

This one-day workshop serves to kick-off the conference Conceptual Spaces@Work2016.


10.30-11.30 Joel Parthemore: Reasoning in conceptual spaces by explicit algorithm: Strengths and limitations

11.30-12.30 Martha Lewis: Conceptual Spaces in Communication

12.30-14.00 Lunch break

14.00-15.00 Corina Strößner: “The length of a limousine has to do with its price” – Experiments on default inheritance and constraints

15.00-16.00 Antonio Lieto: Common Sense Reasoning, Analogies and Conceptual Spaces

16:00-16:20 Coffee break

16.20-17.20 Frank Zenker: Reasoning in CS

Transfer to Stockholm
19.30 Dinner (to be announced)

Reasoning in CS@Amsterdam

28-29 June 2016

ILLC, Amsterdam, Science Park 107, 1098 XG Amsterdam
Room F1.15 (ILLC meeting room), Science Park 107 (entrance Science Park 105: Nikhef)  MAP IT


This event is by invitation only; to attend the meeting as a discussant, please contact before 20 JUNE 2016.






arrival day

20.00     dinner   meet 19.45 at MOTEL 1 lobby, go to restaurant nearby


10.30-11.30     Steven Schockaert: Learning conceptual space representations from the web
11.30-12.30     Marta Sznajder: Analogy by proximity on conceptual spaces

12.30-14.00    Lunch

14.00-15.00     Corina Strößner: Concept Composition and Inheritance of (Typical) Features
15.00-16.00     Peter Brössel: Bayesian Inferences and Conceptual Spaces: On How to Learn Words and Acquire Concepts
16.00-17.00      thinking and writing time

19.30 Dinner at Cafe-Restaurant de Plantage, Tel. 020 76 06 800; Plantage Kerklaan 36, 1018 CZ Amsterdam;


10.30-11.30     Jonathan Lawry: Prototypes, vagueness and uncertainty in conceptual spaces
11.30-12.30     Martha Lewis: Interacting Conceptual Spaces

12.30 14.00

14.00-15.00    Robert van Rooij: Evolution of Convex Properties and Vagueness
15.00-17.00     thinking and writing time

departure day

N.B. 25 min presentation, 25 min discussion, 10 min break

Funding is provided by the Volkswagen Foundation.

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Reasoning in CS@Windsor

17 May 2016

University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada



We invite up to three papers on the application of conceptual spaces (Gärdenfors, 2000) in any scholarly domain—but particularly work related to (moral or fact-based) reasoning—for presentation at an informal one-day workshop, held Tuesday 17 MAY 2016 at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.




Confirmed speakers

Please submit a 500 to 800 word abstract on or before 14 APRIL to (including author name, contact details, and affiliation). Expect notification by 16 April.


We cover room and board for two nights, or travel expenses (e.g., when arriving from the Toronto or the Detroit metro region), or some mix thereof. Expect to arrive in Windsor by 6 pm on 16 MAY; we meet for presentation and discussion (30 + 25 minutes) between 10 am and 5pm on 17 MAY.

If you require additional financial assistance in order to attend, please make this known when submitting; we may be able to support travel within North-America.

Funding is provided by the Volkswagen Foundation.

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Berlin, 16-17 OCT 2015

Sunrise_Berlin_2014This workshop is by invitation only. Those invited should please confirm their attendance and expected travel dates at this form.


We start at 1 pm on 16 OCT, meet briefly until 2.30-ish, then break into groups, meet again for dinner, and regroup the next morning, on 17 OCT, at 10 am and run to 5 pm, with lunch from 12pm-1.30pm.

Dinner on the 16th is at 7.30 pm at Vino & Basilico (Tucholskystraße 18/20, 10117 Berlin-Mitte).

Our meeting venue is in Berlin “Mitte” (the center), on the corner of Friedrichstrasse and Dorotheenstrasse, on the premises of the BILDAKT KOLLEG (located on Charlottenstraße 42, 10117 Berlin, Germany), room 301 on the third floor.


Rooms have been reserved at:

Motel One Berlin-Leipziger Platz
Leipziger Platz 12
D-10117 Berlin
fon: +49 (30) 206 70 78-0
fax: +49 (30) 206 70 78-10


The CS360 budget covers your hotel room (should you have required one) from 16-17 OCT and your dinner on 16th OCT. If you prefer to arrange your own accomodation (e.g., because you have friends in Berlin), we can reimburse other cost you will have had, up to the amount of the hotel room.

Should funds suffice, we can cover, or contribute to, the cost of additional hotel nights or travel cost. If you can stay longer than the 17th, or arrive earlier than the 16th, please be in principle prepared to cover relevant cost.